Our Impact

The world is at a turning point in the fight against climate change.

Since the devastating 2016 elections, LCV has focused on achieving four primary goals:  DEFEND bedrock environmental protections from attack by polluters, ADVANCE environmental progress in the states, BUILD a more racially and demographically diverse environmental movement, and ELECT more leaders who will act on climate.

This past year, with your investment, we made huge strides on these goals. Our top priorities in 2019 and 2020 are to:

Expand Clean Energy for All. In the absence of federal leadership to tackle the environmental crisis, one of our movement’s biggest impacts is how we are pushing state and local leaders to advance policies to boost clean energy and avert the worst impacts of climate change.

With your support, in 2018, LCV and our state affiliates launched our nationwide Clean Energy for All campaign to push the U.S. towards a goal of 100 percent clean energy and build unstoppable momentum for federal action.  State LCVs made important progress toward this goal last year, winning policies to transition away from fossil fuels, increase clean energy, and reduce climate pollution.  State LCVs were essential to winning commitments to curb carbon emissions in North Carolina and Virginia, spurring offshore wind in New Jersey, and speeding utility transition to clean energy in Colorado and Michigan.  We boosted renewable energy standards to 50% in New Jersey and 100% in California.  We also won a ballot measure in Nevada when voters approved a commitment to 50% renewable energy by 2030.

Our Clean Buses for Healthy Niños campaign has pushed states and school boards to use Volkswagen settlement funds to replace diesel school buses with electric. Chispa has already helped win state VW settlement plans allocating $20 million for electric school buses and millions more for other forms of clean transportation.  Several cities and counties are launching pilot programs to transition their school bus fleets to electric.

These wins demonstrate that the shift to 100 percent clean energy is both popular and feasible, but there is much more to do.

Build a More Racially and Demographically Diverse Movement and Electorate. Across programs, LCV is engaging communities of color and young people, who are among the most heavily impacted by pollution and the most concerned about climate change, and who are also historically underrepresented in the electorate.

We worked to promote equitable policies that benefit low-income communities of color, build grassroots power for our movement, and expand the ability of all people to vote.  These fights are inextricably tied to the fight to protect our democracy and save our planet.  In 2018, LCV engaged more than 2.1 million members and expanded our grassroots and community organizing infrastructure across the country. Our climate action programs mobilized over 20,000 volunteers in six states, including more people of color, students, and young people (38% of our volunteers are between ages 18-35). Our Chispa program focused on elevating the voices and leadership of Latino communities on climate and energy issues, with programs in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, New Mexico, and Nevada.  As of 2018, Chispa has engaged 3,000 volunteers and trained nearly 250 Promotores—local leaders who organize in their neighborhoods, schools and churches. LCV and our state partners also invested in ballot measures to strengthen voting rights and democracy–and won.  In 2018, voters passed measures to make it easier to register and vote absentee or by mail in Michigan and approved opt-out, automatic voter registration in Nevada.  Colorado, Michigan, and Ohio approved changes to lead to fairer redistricting.  And Florida dramatically restored voting rights for 1.4 million formerly incarcerated people, a move that is certain to transform the state’s electorate in 2020.

Elect Pro-Environment Leaders. In 2018, voters turned out in record numbers to issue a stinging rebuke to President Trump’s toxic, anti-environment agenda and elect a “green wave” of new, diverse leaders up and down the ballot.

LCV Victory Fund and affiliated entities invested $85 million to help elect pro-environment leaders this cycle –the largest investment by any single-issue group.  With your support, we succeeded in electing almost 60 new members of Congress and flipping the U.S. House to pro-environment—our top electoral goal in 2018 and a key benchmark in our strategic plan to establish pro-environment leadership in Washington, DC by 2020.  We kept the green Senate firewall intact and made enormous progress at the state and local levels by electing 11 new green governors and nearly 300 new pro-environment state legislators across the U.S.

Please stand with LCV as we seize opportunities and pursue our shared goals. Together, we will keep the United States moving forward on climate change and protect the one planet we call home.