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                                                    LCV and Chispa Say No to the Trump Administration’s Dirty Power Scam

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                                                    Chispa Newsletter June-August 2018

                                                    As we cap off Hispanic Heritage Month, Chispa is celebrating the many ways Latinx communities contribute to and help lead conservation and climate justice efforts across the co... Read More

                                                    Chispa and the People’s Climate Movement 2018

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                                                    Why Vote for Salmon

                                                    Salmon are important to me because they give. They give without needing anything but a safe habitat to grow and prosper in. Fish provide us food all year round; from salmon fil... Read More

                                                    A People’s Convening: Rally for Clean Air #CleanRide4Kids at the NGA 2018 Summer Meeting

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                                                    Trump’s Assault on Clean Water: An Environmental Justice Issue

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                                                    Fighting for Healthier Communities: Chispa MD Speaks Up for Clean Car Standards

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                                                    LCV Interns Testify at EPA to Protect Chemical Facility Safety Standards

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