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                                                      Trump administration heightens environmental racism under cover of COVID-19

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                                                      LCV Statements on Trump Administration Undermining Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

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                                                      LCV Statement on Trump Administration Proposal to Disregard Science and Not Strengthen Air Quali...

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                                                      My Wave of Climate Activism

                                                      Growing up, I spent as much time as I could at the beaches in New Hampshire and Maine. Summers came and passed, and I began to notice that each year the tide was staying longer... Read More

                                                      When Tikvah Became My Reality

                                                      At seven I named my cat, Tikvah, for my favorite picture book “Tikvah Means Hope.” In the story, a cat is lost when families in the Oakland Hills evacuate a wildfire. When they... Read More

                                                      A Fight for Clean Energy is a Fight for Good Health

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                                                      HOW TOXIC EMISSIONS POISONED MY HOUSTON HOMETOWN

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