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                                                    Thank You to All LCV Storytellers

                                                    Over the past year, people across our movement have shared their deeply personal understandings of why our Earth is worth fighting for, and we at LCV are endlessly grateful for... Read More

                                                    What Price Would You Pay To Know Where You Come From? 

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                                                    My Wave of Climate Activism

                                                    Growing up, I spent as much time as I could at the beaches in New Hampshire and Maine. Summers came and passed, and I began to notice that each year the tide was staying longer... Read More

                                                    Another Captain For the Planet

                                                    I am an avid sailor, educator, and in just a few months, I’m going to become the first African American man to attempt 12 world records, including the fastest person to sail ar... Read More

                                                    I Asked Andrew Yang About Nuclear Waste In Nevada — His Answer Was Disappointing

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                                                    When Tikvah Became My Reality

                                                    At seven I named my cat, Tikvah, for my favorite picture book “Tikvah Means Hope.” In the story, a cat is lost when families in the Oakland Hills evacuate a wildfire. When they... Read More

                                                    Why Does Everyone Here Look Like Me?

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